Crucials Mixology

In the moodles for noodles

In the moodles for noodles A quick, tasty, flavourful dish!

Serves: 1

Prep Time: 8 minutes

Crucials BBQ Sauce
Crucials Chilli & Garlic Sauce
A portion of your favourite noodles
2 cooked sliced sausages

Optional: A portion of stir fried vegetables of your choice

Add some excitement to your favourite noodles, add the cooked sliced sausages to the noodles and mix through, drizzle over Crucials BBQ Sauce and Crucials Chilli & Garlic Sauce, mix through and enjoy as a delicious meal.

For an extra tasty dish, add cooked vegetables of your choice with an extra added squirt of Crucials Chilli & Garlic Sauce, stir into your noodles, serve and enjoy!

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